Monday, November 17, 2008

The Press + a Political Party + the Government

= Il Duce!
Perhaps it was the announcement that NBC News is coming out with a DVD titled "Yes We Can: The Barack Obama Story." Or that ABC and USA Today are rushing out a book on the election. Or that HBO has snapped up a documentary on Obama's campaign.

Perhaps it was the Newsweek commemorative issue -- "Obama's American Dream" -- filled with so many iconic images and such stirring prose that it could have been campaign literature. Or the Time cover depicting Obama as FDR, complete with jaunty cigarette holder ...

(W)e seem to have crossed a cultural line into myth-making.

Here, the press covers an Obama speech to impoverished proles ready to get started in the new, green economy.

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Dean said...

Its not like they can be accused of "lowering the bar" of expectations. I'm worried there are going to be a lot of very long faces out there before too long.