Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Convection Experiment

Dig this. It's the motion found in the asthenosphere, only with water and food coloring and not magma.

Update: I forgot to mention that we made this movie ourselves today with my son's Flip video camera. We were studying plate tectonics and I decided to try an experiment while she read. It worked, so we did it a second time and recorded it. A little post-processing with Adobe Premiere and voila!


Anonymous said...

Nice! It would fit in well with the simple science experiments page that a friend of mine has made. He takes contributions from other people, too (the ones about copper plating and kites are from me).

Anonymous said...

Oh, and thank you for choosing an appropriate resolution for the video! Most YouTube videos take forever for me to watch at home, because my connection is only a step or two up from dialup. So, normally I can figure on taking at least 5 minutes to watch a 1 minute video. This one, though, played right through without a hitch, and the video resolution is *easily* good enough to show all the important details. Much appreciated!

K T Cat said...

I'm glad it worked well for you, Tim!