Sunday, November 09, 2008

My NFL Teams all Stink

... so please help me pick someone to root for as we head towards the playoffs. My Saints, Packers and Chargers are all lousy this year and it looks like none of them will get into the playoffs. So as not to be a total front runner, I need to pick someone new to root for, but just for this year. Next year I go back to my normal teams.

Leave your suggestions and lobbying in the comments.


Dean said...

KT, I'll throw a bone to the Miami Dolphins.

They went 1-15 last year and are already 5-4 this year. Their winning with a quarterback unwanted and unappreciated in New York (Pennington) and when that quarterback is deemed a non-value added process in some situations, they simply snap the ball to their running back Ronnie Brown in that Wildcat formation. Fun!

Finally, this near-miraculous turnaround was engineered by a guy nicknamed the "Big Tuna", which is something that any cat would be down for.

Tots said...

How about the most dominating team in football?


They have... uh... They uh...

The cheerleaders are cute...

Never mind.