Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Search This Article for the Word "Profit"

... and you'll find it once. Try it. Here's where it occurs.
The Detroit Three depended for more than a decade on profits from gas-guzzling sport-utility vehicles and pumped up sales with cheap credit, while rivals Toyota and Honda Motor Co. more aggressively pursued advanced technology vehicles and business strategies that allowed them to make money on a broader range of models.
Nowhere in the rest of the article does it say anything about profits. It's all about pouring money into them and putting government stooges on their boards and getting them to produce environmentally-conscious cars.

How much did we discuss profits during the election? How much of that was in a positive way? All I remember was that the politicians blamed each other for trying to give oil companies bigger profits.

Why do we need profits anyway? What have corporations ever done for us? We must give to the needy and take form the people who are making those profits!

How will we get out of this mess? Who is John Galt?

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