Saturday, August 07, 2010

Stay Ungovernable, My Friends

"I don't always get politically involved, but when I do, I prefer to join Tea Parties. Stay ungovernable, my friends."


tim eisele said...

When I first saw a bottle of "Dos Equis", I thought that they meant "Equus" (latin for "horse"). Hey, Spanish class was a long time ago, all right?

Anyway, now whenever I see a bottle, I'm reminded of the story of the soldier in Europe at the end of WWII who was suspicious of the beer that the locals were selling him. So he sent some home for chemical analysis. When he got the analysis back, it said that his horse had kidney trouble.

Mutnodjmet said...

A great line which I borrowed. You may enjoy the graphic I created:

Dean said...

Thanks for the link!