Monday, August 30, 2010

Blog While You Shop For Groceries!

I saw this at a nearby Vons grocery store. Unreal.


tim eisele said...

Actually, that might be a rather inspired idea. The sign says they have seating areas. Maybe they can seduce some of the breakfast and lunch crowd away from the coffee shops. People could go in, buy their meals off of the shelves (maybe from the deli section?), and then sit down and eat it while reading their email.

K T Cat said...

I'd be squatting in one of the aisles nibbling on uncooked Top Ramen while I blogged.


Foxfier said...

The Fred Meyer's near my sister has this, next to the coffee-bar outlet and right next to the frufru and wine section. You walk through the bakery and produce section to reach it. Brilliant!

Only down side is, no power outlets, so it picks up the college kids with their netbooks instead of the luggable crowd like myself. (Although that may be by design.....)

Gee Why said...

Nah, some hackerz type made that sign and posted it. You're really logging into his hotspot as he captures and analyzes all your traffic including passwords! ;)