Friday, August 13, 2010

Justicialism Is as Justicialism Does

Argentina's version of fascism was called Justicialism. It was fascism in the service of income redistribution. By comparison, German Nazism was fascism in service of the Aryan race. Italian fascism served the glory of Italy*. I maintain that the Obama Administration is a form of Justiciliasm.

In fascism, you are allowed to keep private property, but only so long as you do what the State tells you to do. State control is maintained either through total ownership (Fanie Mae and Freddie Mac), partial ownership (GM and Chrysler) or thorough regulation and bureaucratic control (ObamaCare).

With those foundations in mind, dig this bit from Bloomberg's opinion section.
Whatever is going on in the world of finance, it isn’t capitalism or a free market. Paul Brodsky and Lee Quaintance of QB Asset Management in New York reckon markets are now at the whim of “the vagaries of the subjective central bank decision- making apparatus as a capricious pursuit posing as systematic.”

The defining feature of tyranny, they argued in a research report this week that channeled the author Christopher Hitchens, is the unpredictability of its rules -- a valid description of the current market environment.

“The path of global markets will be determined by policy makers and politicians, not by natural economic incentives or even by policy makers resetting our ‘animal spirits,’” they wrote.
I point to this, not because it's wildly different from previous posts nor because it's particularly well-written and exciting. I point to it because it's Bloomberg. When one of the nation's top two financial news outlets allows veiled accusations of fascism to be published, you know there are big things afoot. It's one thing to have the right wing nuts over at Free Republic scream about Obama being a Kenyan and it's another to have the left wing nuts in the media and the entertainment industry foam at the mouth over Sarah Palin. It's another thing entirely when Bloomberg publishes pieces that say this:
When politicians steal from their constituents, your market compass is useless at guiding investment decisions.
I've spent some time on this blog playing around with atheism vs. science lately. In the past, I fiddled around with how the bond markets worked. I'm thinking of moving on to examining who flourished during the financial collapse of Justicilaism in Argentina and why.

You do know there was a financial collapse, right?

President Barack Hussein Peron.

* - I'll admit to being foggy about Mussolini's Italy.

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