Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Love Blood-Soaked Myths

Well, we finally drove one of our anonymous atheist commenters away with our barbarism. Here was his parting shot.
Your perfect Word of God explicitly supports slavery, subjugation of women, genocide, stoning of homosexuals, stoning of adulterers, and a whole laundry list of Bronze Age barbarisms. There is no proper context for such things. They were wrong back then, and they're wrong now.

I've had my fill of you guys. You clearly have no problem supporting blood-soaked myths on the basis of zero evidence, and apparently endorse eternal punishment for incorrect thoughts. It's obvious that no amount of rational discussion is going to change that.

I cannot despair though, because if there is one thing that history has proven, it's that disgusting, backwards ideologies such as yours are destined to be cast down and forgotten as sure as the night follows the day.

Peace out. It's been thoroughly depressing.
This was typical of the kinds of arguments that came from the atheists. It's a deliberate misreading of Christianity. A quick counterexample illustrates this. If you knew nothing else about Christianity, what would you conclude from examining someone we consider to be a wonderful example of living our faith?

What? You mean it's not Ferdinand Marcos, former dictator of the Philippines?

The problem with arguing that your position is based on logic, reason and evidence is that your arguments have to contain logic, reason and evidence.


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The Butcher of Calcutta?


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