Monday, August 16, 2010

I Just Installed Android 2.2

... on my Droid. It plays Flash files.

I'll be teasing my iPhone-equipped friends all day. :-)


Jeff Miller said...

Actually you can play flash on Jailbroken iPhones/iPod Touches/iPads using the same Flash release for Android.

Though I have zero interest in adding Flash to my iPod Touch and iPad. Why would I want all those advertisements in Flash anyway? Plus any good site already displays content via HTML5 which is not the resource and battery hog Flash is.

I can already watch Netflicks/Hulu/YouTube etc in iOS.

Though if you consider Flash important than more the better for you on this release.

Mostly Nothing said...

Do you get the blockbuster app? I don't know if I'd use it but, I'm interested.

A friend at work came in with a Droid 2 yesterday. Looks good. Mostly the same as the Droid, a few little changes.

How'd you get it installed? I haven't seen an update.

As to jail breaking, that would be illegal, wouldn't it.

Jeff Miller said...

Mostly Nothing,

Actually the Library of Congress issued exemptions to the the DMCA a couple of weeks ago and explicitly allowed people to jailbreak/root their phones for fair use.