Friday, August 27, 2010

I Had Always Thought That Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang Was The Worst Car-Related Video Of All Time

... but I was wrong. Dig the Justicialism Dancers gyrating to the hit folk song, "The Chevy Volt*."

* - I don't actually know what the name of the song is. I'm too nauseated to look it up.


Secular Apostate said...

It's interesting that this sad simulacrum of a dance video is sponsored by According to the Institute for Energy Research, the solar energy sunpluggers plug contributes 0.02% of the electricity generated in the US.

So I guess the ad is really a coalgashydropluggers plug.

And by the way, did I miss the National Endowment for the Arts funding credit?

K T Cat said...

Secular, the NEA did not fund this. You can tell because it did not end in a gay orgy and a Cross smeared with feces.

Secular Apostate said...

You're right. I forgot about the trademark.