Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Restored Japanese Tank

Dig this bit of video.

I didn't bother to research the back story, but it's amazing to me that the guy got the thing running or even bothered to do it at all. Japanese tanks were piles of junk suited only for getting their crews killed. Still, it's a wonderful bit of living history. It would have been fun to work on that project.

Elsewhwere, there's a group restoring a German Junkers Ju-88 bomber. Way cool.


tim eisele said...

I wonder if his original intention was specifically to restore a Japanese tank (and then he went looking for one), or if it was more a case of "Hey, here's a Japanese tank that I can pick up for practically a scrap-metal price! I think I'll restore it, and boggle the neighbors' minds!"

K T Cat said...

It would be awesome to use it to drive down to the store to pick up some milk. Or, better yet, rice.


Unfortunately, every time you turned the thing, the treads would dig into the pavement. In no time at all, the city would be sending you bills for road repair. I suppose you could trailer it and take it off-roading ...

K T Cat said...

By the way, I would bet that your guess is correct - he found the thing for next to nothing and decided to restore it.