Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Why Obama Didn't Go to Berlin

... why celebrate the defeat of your own ideology by a hated enemy?

Is there any question which Cold War leader Barack Obama is most like? His Special Compensation Master is setting prices for employees of private companies, he now owns and runs two of the Big Three auto companies, his allies in Congress have bloated the government beyond recognition and they're now trying to take over another huge part of the economy.

Go to Berlin? Hardly. Not when the celebration is all about this man and what he and his contemporaries did to free much of the world from the shackles of the government tyranny so beloved by Obama and his cronies.

Our Monks of Miscellaneous Musings have more.

Over at the Telegraph, Toby Harden sees it differently.
Perhaps Obama felt that celebrating the role of the United States in bringing down the wall would be a bit triumphalist and not quite in keeping with his wish to present America as a declining world power anxious to apologise for sundry historic misdeeds.

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Dean said...

"Freedom" just ain't his thing. Thanks for the link!