Wednesday, November 04, 2009

What Is the Best Investment for Bad Economic Times?

What's the best? Well, actually, there are three really good ones. They're listed here.

Inspiration: Tim Eisele, author of the fabulous Backyard Arthropod Project blog, left this in a comment on another post of mine:
Well, on balance, I suppose making money by feeding the frenzy of a bunch of gold-bugs is better than supporting oneself with the other traditional pillars of the US economy - tobacco and whiskey.
The version done by the Muppets and Peter Sellers above leaves out one verse ("the show is running a bit long, Peter!") which can be found here.


tim eisele said...

Thanks for the link!

And yes, I was thinking of that *exact song, specifically by those performers* when I wrote the comment.

Later, it occured to me that there's one more traditional pillar of the US economy (the one that lead directly to modern mass production) - guns!

K T Cat said...

It's scary how we think alike!

Foxfier said...

I love this song....

Elf hadn't heard it before-- I need to get more old country to the boy! (education, these days....)