Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Baby Jesus Obama?

Krauthammer is en fuego in this one.

The points he makes are telling. President Obama's grasp on history is very, very light, whether that's his dreadful Cairo speech or his hysterical claims in Germany during the election or this one where he's completely at sea, so to speak, with respect to US history in the Pacific.


Dean said...

Plenty of face time on T.V. and a cover spread on National Review. Not a bad week for the 'Hammer.

tim eisele said...

Ummmm . . .
I don't normally bother watching newsclip videos, because they are agonizingly slow to make whatever points they have[1], but you played this one up enough that I thought I'd give it a listen.

And that's all I get? A scripted "slip of the tongue" about "baby Jesus/Obama", and some complaints about bowing to the Japanese emperor and Obama making a crack about being the "first Pacific president"? Cripes, your *footnote* was more substantive than that guy.

Look, here we are running up trillion-dollar deficits and a health bill that about half the country actively hates and that nobody seems to really understand, and presumably Obama went to Japan and China to accomplish something substantive, all of which are ripe fodder for analysis, debate, and criticism, and all they can come up with is this . . . this . . . *fluff*?

Gah. I'm ever more glad I decided years ago to save the $25/month by not getting cable TV. What a bunch of self-satisfied time-killers. It looks like there's more actual meat in the average single "scratching post" posting, than there is in all of the TV news on a given day. Why do you waste any time on those guys?

[1] I read much, much faster than people talk, so I'm afraid I don't have much patience for listening to people speaking. I'd prefer that they just wrote it down.

K T Cat said...

Het, I thought it was funny! So sue me!


As for TV, I'm pretty much with you. There's too much to learn and the TV teaches you next to nothing.