Monday, November 02, 2009

Healthy Signs for the US

This morning, I offer you three little tidbits from the Web. First, we have the staunchly liberal Joe Lieberman.

Second, we have the staunchly conservative Pajamas Media blogger, Paul Hsieh.
The details of Congress’ health care “reform” legislation are finally coming into focus, and it’s not a pretty picture. Congress is essentially proposing a national version of the failing Massachusetts system.

In 2006, Massachusetts adopted a health care plan which included an individual mandate requiring residents to purchase state-approved health insurance, new regulations on insurance companies specifying who they must cover and what benefits they must provide, and a government-subsidized “public option” for low-income residents. Supporters promised a utopia of “universal coverage” which would save money while improving quality of care. However, the exact opposite has occurred — health costs in Massachusetts have skyrocketed, while patient care has suffered.
The lefty is attacking the creation of another mammoth entitlement program and the righty is whacking Mitt Romney, a Republican presidential aspirant. Both are doing it based on principle and have well-reasoned positions. Both are getting plenty of play on the Internet and their messages have not been bottled up by the MSM.

Meanwhile, the GOP's hand-picked standard bearer in an important congressional race has had to quit the race because of a third-party insurgency*.

At a time when there's ample concern about the corruption of our government from career politicians, I'd say there are still some pretty healthy signs for democracy in the US.

* - Admittedly, this insurgency was strongly aided by the imbecilic Sarah Palin who is so dumb she actually thinks that since we get energy from oil, at $80+ a barrel it might be a good idea to get some more of our own rather than importing it, but we can't blame the insurgent candidate for the sins of his supporters.


Unknown said...

Why the pathetic attacks on Sarah Palin? Do you honestly think a woman who is a college graduate and a legitimately elected governor of Alaska really thinks "energy comes from oil" or that she can see Russia from her house or doesn't know that Africa is a continent? Don't believe the MSM. Of course, Obama thinks there's 57 states in America but HE gets a pass and is lauded as a "genius." Such hypocrisy!

K T Cat said...

Lorraine, I should have added a sarcasm tag. I think that Sarah Palin was the person most qualified to be president of the four on the national tickets - Biden, Obama, McCain, Palin. I like to add these little footnotes to point out how she's actually accomplished real things in her life and hasn't just spent it blabbing like the rest of them.

Jeff Burton said...

Please continue with the faux attacks on Palin's intelligence. They always make me laugh.

A side note: I always feel sorry for the poor readers who miss the sarcasm. As a fellow student of Swift, I get into that kind of trouble also.