Monday, November 09, 2009

It's a Perfect 8-0 Start for the Saints!

As As Marques Colston's unofficial publicist, I am here to tell you that even on vacation in Santa Fe, I'm on the job. We watched the fourth quarter of yesterday's outstanding 30-20 come from behind win over the Panthers and saw my man Marques' teammates applying the things he's shown them in practice. Dig the highlight reel.

My client knows that winning is the most important thing. Seeing his teammates do well means almost as much as scoring those touchdowns himself.

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Niall Mor said...

Congrats. I'm a Panthers fan, but they're making it awfully hard this season. I suspect the Jake Delhomme we've seen the last few years has been secretly replaced by an alien clone with no talent or his hopelessly inept twin brother.