Monday, November 23, 2009

A First Take on the Climate Email Bombshells

I've had some thoughts on this, but here's a video that takes all of this to a much, much higher level. I had no idea the control of the literature was from such a tight clique. That shouldn't have been much of a surprise, given what I know about the groups that do the techncial reviews on the journals I'm familiar with. It's a ten minute video, but worth every second of your time.

The shoe that has yet to drop is the way in which Al Gore made his billion dollars based on this "science."

H/T: Mish.

Update: Dig this analysis of a monstrous comment file from the documents that reveals a programmer trying to make sense of what seems to be spaghetti code in the global warming models. Wow.


jlbussey said...

One of the dirty little secrets of Science is how much all grant money and publishing is controlled by very small numbers of people in each discipline. Add in corporate financial interests/conflicts and we have a Research-Industrial Complex as much as we ever had a Military-Industrial Complex.

As a scientist, I find it shameful and discouraging.

Ohioan@Heart said...

It's not a dirty little secret. It's an obvious fact.

Peer review means you can't attack or argue with those in control in any paper. All research ends up being based on the same paradigm, since those are the only proposals that get funded.

There is a reason that the saying goes, "Science proceeds one funeral at a time"