Wednesday, November 04, 2009

My Takeaway from Yesterday's Elections

The Republican Party lost, but the Democrats lost more. Oh sure, the Republicans cruised to victory in New Jersey and Virginia, crushing big-spending Democrats by healthy margins. But the real play was in New York where the Republican candidate got 6% of the vote:

Owens (D): 49%
Hoffman (C): 45%
Scozzafava (R): 6%

All of the fatcat incumbent Republicans and the stooges that populate their party committees should be looking at this and waking up. Principle beat party last night, 45-6. I'm still registered as a Republican, if only so I can vote in the primaries. If it came to it in my district, I'd have no problem voting for a Hoffman here over a creep like Scozzafava even if it meant the Democrat won. At 45-6, it looks like I'm not alone.

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tim eisele said...

I'm not sure I'd draw much conclusions from that: Scozzafava explicitly, and with much fanfare[1], dropped out of the race and endorsed the Democrat a few days before the election. The only reason she was still on the ballot was because they had already been printed. By rights, she was expecting, and should have gotten, *zero* votes.

[1] By which I mean, enough fanfare that *I* heard about it at the time, and I was barely paying attention.