Friday, November 27, 2009

Building Pressure

How long can the MSM keep a lid on the Climategate story? Probably not a long time. What will happen when the foreign press and foreign governments start bringing it up?
Millions of measurements, global coverage, consistently rising temperatures, case closed: The Earth is warming. Except for one problem. CRU’s average temperature data doesn’t jive with that of Vincent Courtillot, a French geo-magneticist, director of the Institut de Physique du Globe in Paris, and a former scientific advisor to the French Cabinet. Last year he and three colleagues plotted an average temperature chart for Europe that shows a surprisingly different trend. Aside from a very cold spell in 1940, temperatures were flat for most of the 20th century, showing no warming while fossil fuel use grew. Then in 1987 they shot up by about 1 C and have not shown any warming since. This pattern cannot be explained by rising carbon dioxide concentrations, unless some critical threshold was reached in 1987; nor can it be explained by climate models.
And that's in France. What do you think the press and government in India are going to do with this stuff? And when an Indian minister gives speeches ripping the whole CO2 modelling establishment and says India isn't going to stay poor to prevent fantasies based on fraudulent science, will the MSM cover that?

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