Sunday, November 08, 2009

Stupak is a Surrealist

Writing this post from artist-intesive Santa Fe, New Mexico, I couldn't help using that for a title. Here's what it means.

William Jacobsen, writing at Legal Insurrection, lists the ways that Democrats who voted for the Stupak Amendment for the newly-passed health care bill, will pay for their apostasy. The Stupak Amendment eliminates any funding for abortion from the new set of entitlements being enacted. Here's a taste.
There will be hell to pay for Democrats who voted in favor of the Stupak amendment banning any federal funding of abortions or any use of the new health care provisions for abortion. Very, very sweeping. Hell to pay from liberal Democrats who are fuming foaming at the internet mouth as I type.
His blog post links to a variety of sites which are indeed lathered up over a bill that won't get all of us to pay for abortions.

This is all very surreal.

Let us recap where we are. We just finished a year where we ran a $1.4T deficit. Next year's deficit will be about as large. The macroeconomic models used by the government have been blown away by reality, indicating that the government has no real grasp on what is going on. Gold is near $1100 as the Dollar falls. India just handed over a mountain of US Dollars to buy 200 metric tons of gold. Oil is back up to $80. The only way were able to close our budget gap last year was to print more than $1,000,000,000,000 of greenbacks backed by absolutely nothing. Unemployment is at 10.2% and shows no sign of slowing down.

We're in the depths of a balance sheet recession. That is, as a nation, as companies and as individuals, we cannot pay for what we've borrowed without reducing consumption.

Into this comes a health care bill that at 1,990 pages, contains who-knows-what. Even if you grant its supporters their argument that it will magically contain costs and is somehow desperately needed when the Republic has thrived for 230+ years without it, the abortion provision is totally surreal.

Simply put, abortion allows us all to have as much sex as we want with anyone we want with no lasting consequences. Abortion is the altar at which we worship the orgasm. In the middle of a continuing debt-induced financial decline, there is actually strenuous debate about having all of us pay for each others' orgasms.

To say that the debate is unserious is an incredible understatement. It is a perfect emblem of our culture, the endless quest to obtain more and more pleasures without price.

"Surreal" seems the proper word.

Orgasms for all!


ligneus said...

Very well said, I'm sending a link to all the Obamaites I know. Not that it will make any difference they're all living out a fantasy.

B-Daddy said...

My schadenfreude runneth over.