Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Today's Word Problem

I know it's been a while since our last word problem, but things came up that delayed our release of this one. It had to be run past any number of quality control boards as a part of The Scratching Post's effort to embrace Lean Six Sigma quality controls*. In any case, we have another one for you today, but first, we need to answer the last one.

Answer to the last word problem: "Bleaurghworgs!"

Today's Word Problem

Chief Norkatonkle of the Wimizambo tribe wants to trade 15 goats and a basket of fish heads to Chief Brakkaglimble of the Shirewetsis in exchange for 12 squirrel pelts and 3 owl castings. The normal exchange rate is 1 goat for 30 ears of corn and 3 squirrel pelts per glass bead.

What does Chief Brakkaglimble write in the dirt with a stick in reply?

* - not a word of this is true. We just didn't write any for a long time, OK?


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