Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Tonight we're going to try something new. Captchadefs! These are definitions for the anti-spam captcha words that you have to type in on some blogs when leaving a comment. Some generous readers have been leaving their captcha words and I've decided to perform a public service by letting you know what they mean.

Here we go.

vamisize (v) - to give a particularly generous donation at the blood bank. "Will it be the normal pint today, Mr. Schnerkwhistle?" "Heck, no, Howard. I feel generous. Vamisize me!"

bleropse (n) - an optical illusion caused by a foreign object in your eye, such as an eyelash or sand. "That's no gas station, Harvey! It's just another bleropse! I really wish you'd just let me give you those eye drops."

inisters (n) - people who look strangely disquieting, but are not actually dangerous in any way.

hersaya (n) - the closing arguments of a female trial attorney in court. "Thank you, Mr. Gorgonblatz, for that summation. And now, Ms. Trigglethorpe will have hersaya."

hyokedn (n) - the sound a large collar makes when being placed on a water buffalo.

There. That emptied the queue. Feel free to leave us some more and we'll see if we can clear things up for you!

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Rose said...

That's GREAT! hersaya!