Saturday, October 11, 2008

Democracy Triumphant (Again)!

They're not even bothering to hide it any more. Dig this.

I expect to see an in-depth 60 Minutes piece on this. In December.

Meanwhile, Iowahawk is ontop of the story.
Attorneys for the voting registration organizations ACORN and Project Vote filed an anti-discrimination voting rights suit in the U.S. Federal District court this morning, alleging the United States government is involved in "a widespread, systematic effort to disenfranchise Imaginary-Americans and deprive them of access to polls."

"Participation in our electoral process is a fundamental right, and the foundation of our democracy," said ASDF ASDFG, a spokesperson for the National Association for the Advancement of Imaginary People, one of the groups named as plaintiffs in the class action. "We will not be silent when government denies people access to the polls on the basis of color, or sex, or existential status."
There's more here.


Ohioan@Heart said...

Actually it is clearly time for the people to revolt. The Constitution provides for the Congress to overturn such insane and ultimately illegal actions
(see Article II, Section 4).

This was put in for cases much like what we see here (see Federalist Paper #59 - authored by Hamilton).

To fail to protect the vote of those law-abiding citizens who are being (partially) disenfranchised by allowing fraudulent voting, the Congress is failing to fulfill its duty to the country. Indeed, Hamilton uses the phrase "EVERY GOVERNMENT OUGHT TO CONTAIN IN ITSELF THE MEANS OF ITS OWN PRESERVATION. ... [we] will not cease to regard and to regret a departure from so fundamental a principle, as a portion of imperfection in the system which may prove the seed of future weakness, and perhaps anarchy."

Rose said...

Check out Atlas Shrugs, Pamela Geller's blog for ALOT of info on this and more, she's been doing alot of legwork... and she has lots of links - like this YouTubed - OBAMA ON CAMERA SAYING ACORN AND FRIENDS WILL SHAPE HIS PRESIDENTIAL AGENDA

and Judicial Watch Uncovers Documents Detailing Suspicious Illinois State Senate Earmarks by Barack Obama

From what I can tell she found alot of the names of phony donors...

it's bad.

And there are alot of unanswered questions - not the least of which is a court fight that's trying to get Obama to release his birth certificate - now why would anyone running for President have any qualms about turning over your birth certificate.

If it was Palin we'd be seeing every reporter in the nation on it.

Rose said...

Two links.

One pro, one con.

Pretty compelling arguments in one. You decide.

Comment I hear most often is, it doesn't matter.

Rose said...

Ooops, forgot the links
PUMA Truther’s “Conspiracy Theory” Lawsuit
Obama Born in Kenya? (New Information) [Update x2]

Rose said...

This is interesting, too...

Clinton supporters sharing evidence for RICO case against Obama campaign
The article ... states, and we have confirmed this with people who know for sure, that the people who gathered evidence of Obama’s fraud and voter intimidation techniques during the primaries against Hillary Clinton are sharing everything they have with the Republican Party and the federal government.

What’s happening here is something we have never seen before: centrist Clinton Democrats and Republicans are working together to expose the DNC and Obama campaign’s illegal activities and orchestrated, coordinated fraud. Both parties are working with federal agents to investigate ACORN, which has been funded with upwards of $800,000 in questionable donations from the Obama campaign (in what appears to be the expressed and explicit direction to engineer voter fraud in the general election). The tactics being employed now in the 15 states currently under investigation are the VERY SAME TACTICS we saw on the ground in Iowa, Texas, Colorado, Nebraska, Indiana, and other states working for Hillary Clinton in the primaries.

And all of this ties back to Chicago.

Where the Obama campaign and DNC are now based....