Friday, October 03, 2008

Biden Won the VP Debate, Part 2

From Jonah Goldberg over at The Corner:
Biden showed himself to an exceptionally facile liar. He makes stuff up with great passion, conviction and seeming command of the substance. So it just bugs me when people say he's better on the substance. I could be a great physicist if I'm not held to a requirement to be factually correct;

"Well, Gwen, that's an interesting question. As we all know the hamster spinning at the earth's core runs in a counter-clockwise direction. Let me repeat that so everyone understands. That hamster does not run in a clockwise direction, that would be madness. It's counter clockwise. That's why our lakes and rivers don't simply turn into a fine mist, and why our atmosphere doesn't simply spontaneously combust. This is something that my dear friend John McCain just doesn't understand. And it saddens me."
Had Biden said this, there'd have been no follow-up question from Gwen "It's payday for me if Obama wins" Ifill, of course.

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Rose said...

I may have to steal that! That's a great analogy! LOL, no ROTFL