Thursday, October 23, 2008

Blogger Comments are Broked!

... at least I think they are. I can't seem to leave a comment on my site or on the other blogspot blogs in the Feline Theocracy. This isn't good at all.

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Update: Blogger Buzz has something on this.
Today we’re bringing the embedded comment form out of Blogger in draft and making it easily available to everyone. This feature puts the comment form at the bottom of each post page, below the comments, instead of on the separate, Blogger-styled page.

The embedded comment form is more convenient for your readers because they can use it to post a comment immediately, without clicking over to a different page. It also looks better, since it matches your blog’s style and colors.
It would look even better if it actually existed! It's the HTML version of an ACORN voter.

Update 2: Our Monastery of Miscellaneous Musings is broked. Our Cantor of Chemistry has the old style comments working. Our Camerlengo of Cars has the new style working. I guess the update is working it's way through the system?

Update 2: I just changed my blog settings so that you can leave a comment in a pop up window. That still works.


Foxfier said...

Hm. Mine works fine.

Are you using firefox or something?

Justin said...

The problem is probably that some code is edited in what handles your posts. If you want to try the embedded form, email me your template code (copy into a text document and attach to an email) and I'll go through and reset it so you can get it to show up.

Justin said...

Oh yea, be sure to click on "expand widget templates" before you copy and paste.

Dean said...

Everything seems to be working fine, now but thanks for the heads-up.