Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fantastic Sunset Photos You Can't See

... yet. Last night we had a fabulous sunset, perhaps better than any of the ones I videotaped last year. I raced to the local church parking lot where there is the best view of Mission Bay and snapped about 30 photos.

I left the camera somewhere else.

So, since you can't see the photos right now, let me describe them to you. There were lots of oranges and reds and yellows and a perfect clustering of clouds on the horizon with Mission Bay in the foreground. Got it? No, a little more orange. There. Isn't that nice?

You're welcome.


DammitWomann said... much more orange? Was it a red-orange, gold-orange or brown-orange? Tryng to get it clear in my mind.


K T Cat said...

It was a bit of red-orange and some yellow-orange, too.