Saturday, October 18, 2008

The MSM as a Goon Squad

Barack Obama sought out Joe the plumber, not the other way around. Barack was trying to do some retail politicking with the press trailing along behind him. Joe the plumber asked the wrong questions of Obama and followed it up with still more.

The MSM and the left wing blogs have now gone after Joe the plumber and have revealed every last sin of his for the world to see. For example, Joe seems to have had some tax problems in the past. So has Barack. But Barack is The One and Joe made him look foolish and must therefore be punished. Our Monastery of Miscellaneous Musing has one take on this situation. I have an extension of that take.

When Barack can seek out a conversation with you, a private citizen, where the result of said conversation is the MSM and the lefty blogs trumpeting every private sin you've ever committed, how is that different from living under the threat of any other leader's goon squads?


Dean said...

Thanks for the link!

What is left to do when the "why doesn't the MSM look into Ayers/Rezko/Wright et. al. with the same zeal" complaint sounds so repetitive and trite?

It's maddeningly frustrating and frustrastingly maddening all at the same time.

I never used to give it a second thought but I am becoming an acolyte to your admonition that the end of the MSM cannot come soon enough.

ligneus said...

....and they have the brainlessness to call Sarah Palin scary. Aren't they all going to be surprised when McCain wins.

Rose said...

There's good news, ligneus... er, well....
Bad news for Obama in Colorado early voting (posted on HillBuzz, one of the PUMA blogs... the Hillary supporters are working overtime to help McCain/Palin, it's an awesome thing to see Democrats and Republicans working together for the good of the Country instead of the party!

Despite a massive push by Obama for early voting, including repetitious pleas during the Democrats’ Convention for Coloradoans to early vote, Democrats and Republicans are tied in terms of early voting so far.

105,277 - Democrats = 49.92%
105,615 - Republicans = 50.08% √
338 = Difference between the two = 0.16%