Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The MGB Hits the Road

To those that didn't think my MGB would be on the road again this year, all I can say is "Ha!"

A 1973 MGB. Engine shipped separately.

Err, yes, well, the B is on it's way to a shop to finish the restoration, but technically speaking, this does count as being on the road.



Wollf Howlsatmoon said...

Ummm, well, uh.... oh darn it, I consider you Friend, so......

YAY! It's on the road!!!

Road Trip Party!!!!!

DammitWomann said...

Pffffftttttt -

The tires are NOT on the road sily boyz..............

Anonymous said...

It's looking good, KT. I had the Beemer out on the road last week for a tour. Still does 125 mph, if no police are watching.

Hope to see some pics of it touching the road soon.


Mostly Nothing said...

Sadly, I drove my 'B yeaterday to work, for probably the last time this year.
Top up on the way to work, figuring I could lower it for the drive home. Cold and overcast 9 hours later. Dang.

Probably, I'll be putting it to bed on Sunday.