Monday, October 27, 2008

On the Road This Morning

... so no time to blog. In the meantime, check out the cause
Much of the blogosphere is buzzing over a 2001 radio interview in which Barack Obama seems genuinely chagrined that redistributionist policies aren’t going to come from the courts ... it is fairly obvious that Obama was saying nothing extraordinary in his own mind. This is the sort of thing left-leaning “intellectuals” bandied about. It’s the outlook that underscored the bent of not just his closest comrades at the time ( e.g. Reverend Wright and Father Pfleger), but the activist organizations he and Bill Ayers supported through the Woods Fund. It is absurd, really, to write off all these associations as an aberration or exaggeration, or to ignore them as some imagining of paranoid conservatives. What comes through loud and clear was that Obama shared the classic anti-capitalist, redistributionist philosophy accepted as dogma by many on the Left.
and the effect
So, if Obama actually wins this election and delivers on even half of his promises, I'm vacillating on whether to pull a reverse John Galt and plug IN to the system ... I mean to look into every government assistance program Obama/Pelosi/Reid provides or funds. Even if I don't sign up, at least I'll have an idea where my money is going to. But if I do take an occasional sip from the public teat, consider it my own way of "spreading the wealth" back around to me.


Anonymous said...

My wife is seriously concerned that we're going to be out of jobs after the coronation (we work for the only government department The One actually wants to cut). I tell her not to worry, as we won't have to make mortgage payments any more, and they'd probably buy us a new car too (I've put off any serious thoughts of replacing my 11-year-old VW until we see what survives the attack on the economy).

(captcha word: hersaya)

K T Cat said...

Anon, I wouldn't want to be a contractor working on a major procurement system like Joint Strike Fighter, Future Combat Systems or JTRS right now. As for the govvies, I'm betting they will be OK.

Anonymous said...

My wife isn't as confident. And it's not just the big programs that need to worry, even (especially?) the smaller programs are vulnerable.

The way the definition of "rich" keeps dropping, I'd probably make her quit just to avoid her whole salary going to taxes....