Sunday, August 13, 2006

Joe Noory Made Me Smile Today

Joe Noory over at one of my favorite blogs, No-Pasaran, wrote a short post today recommending our blog to his readers. That was incredibly thoughtful of him and K T Cat and I are very grateful.

For those of you visiting for the first time, the purpose of this blog is to put forth the idea that acts of kindness are what drives the advance of humanity at all levels, from human civilization to individual lives. Since I blog only when inspired, the posts tend to be eclectic so lots of other topics are thrown in as well, but that's the main theme.

Every Wednesday we do a World of Good post that highlights the acts of kindness that are going on all around you all the time. The newsmedia is driven by economic forces to bring you bad news. It is much cheaper to read the police blotter and write generic articles about the rapings and killings than it is to send a reporter and a photographer to a Special Olympics event.

The newsmedia give you an entirely false view of the world. Most of the world is kind and productive. If it weren't we would all still be living in caves. Rather than keep blathering on, let me just throw out a few of my favorite posts and see if you like them.

The current conflict between Israel and Hezbollah can be analyzed with a few direct questions that no one is asking. It is a terrific example of how violence and hatred don't pay.

I did some photojournalism at a local Special Olympics event. I will treasure the memories all my life.

Most of this blog is written by our Maximum Leader, K T Cat. How does a Maximum Leader compare to a Supreme Leader like Ali Khameini of Iran? Read this post and find out.

I had a little fun at the expense of the Lebanese woman Reuters used in several photos.

Some catblogging about our Maximum Leader. And a little more.

Here's a Thursday 13 post with my favorite photos from the World of Good posts we've done. There are links to the stories as well.

Lastly, we have two recurring events here and we have built descriptive posts about each. One is the Feline Theocracy. The other is the World of Good.

Thanks for the link, Joe. That was very kind of you. You forced me to do something I've needed to do for a while - sort through the blog and put together a list of favorites for new visitors. See? Kindness really does lead to productive pursuits!


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