Sunday, August 06, 2006

Great Falls National Park

I just flew in from Virginia and boy, are my arms tired!

I love that one.

While there on a business trip I took a few hours and visited Great Falls National Park. Now I get to bore all of you with a slide show! Everyone comfy? Can I refresh your drink, Kukka? Would you like some more popcorn, Justin? OK, here we go. Click on the images for much better versions.

I wondered if these were the Great Falls they talked about. I didn't have time to explore the whole place.

I've been goosed! Right in the middle, too.

What's on Channel 8? Looks like it's more water.

This is a sentence fragment. With all the money we spend on our national parks, you'd think they'd be able to hire a proofreader.

"Everyone else has already stopped blooming. If you could ever get ready on time, we wouldn't be embarassed like this."

Some waterfalls.

Very small falls.

These next two are my favorites.

While there, I took some time to reflect. The trees joined me.

The stones joined us in our reflections. I suspect that they've been doing it for a while.

There was fungus among us!

Let's pick out our granite slabs for our kitchen counter top. I'd like the one second from the right. What do you think?

Well that was my little side trip. Now that wasn't so bad, was it? Let's turn the lights back up and...wait a minute! You're all asleep! You missed the whole thing. Well, let's start again. Here we are at the entrance to the park...

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Anonymous said...

Lovely photos! Those waterfalls looks like a beautiful peaceful place!

Anonymous said...

Dang, I thought this place looked familiar!! We used to visit it often when we lived in the D.C,area! :)