Wednesday, August 02, 2006

World of Good Blogburst, Random Acts of Kindness Style

OK, World of Good (WOG) readers, it's late and it's been a long day, but I really want to get a WOG out. You can tell me if this is cheating.

I sat down and just started searching blindly for stories of kindness to inspire me. Incidentally, that's how I find many of them. They're everywhere! In any case, I came across a Random Acts of Kindenss website with lots of great stories. Here was one of my favorites.

I find that there is nothing more satisfying than doing something nice for someone else. A few weeks ago I was at the corner store, and therewas this lady in front of me in line. She seemed very confused when the cashier asked her to pay $38.00. She had about $5.00 in her wallet, and she began to cry. The cashier became very impatient and told her that she cannot buy these items because she did not have enough money. So, I told the cashier not to worry about it, that I would pay the difference. The cashier gave me a funny look, but I really felt for this woman.

Anyway, I paid for my groceries and left the store. When I got outside, the lady was standing there. I asked her what was wrong. She said that she could not remember where she lived, and she began to cry. I named off a few streets around the area but she had no clue. While I was talking to the lady, a car pulled up and a woman jumped out of the car, frantic. It was this lady's daughter. I explained that her mother could not remember where she lived. The daughter told me that she had Alzheimer's Disease and that she had been wandering off a lot lately. Then the daughter noticed that her mother had 3 bags of groceries and wondered where she got the money to pay for them. I was not sure if I should tell her that I paid for them, but I did.

The daughter wanted to pay me back, and I said no thank you. I really felt sorry for them because they did not look like a well- to- do family. So, the daughter said thank you and I said good bye. I felt so fulfilled and happy right through the day, because making others feel good makes me feel good. I know that if this situation happened again, I would do the same thing.
The site had a story that sent me to a link that seemed very interesting, but I want to scope it out a little more before I post it. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed this one. Please feel free to visit my WOG description post.


Kukka-Maria said...

I love stories like this!

Several months ago, I was approached in a parking lot by a woman who explained she had run out of gas and wondered if I could lend her a few dollars to buy enough to get her home. I gave her $10 and she asked me for my phone number so she could contact me to repay.

I told her not to worry about it--that I've been in a similar situation before and I was happy to help her out.

A friend said, "What if she was lying about the gas? What is she was just begging?"

I said, "Then she needed that $10 more than I did."

Love, love, LOVE doing things like this. Your story was great and gave me a burst of inspiration today!

K T Cat said...

Empress, truly you are our Mother Superior!

What a great person. And a great cat. And Brach is pretty cool, too.