Sunday, August 06, 2006

This Week in the Theocracy

Welcome, pilgrims dedicated to the perfection of purring. It's me, Jacob the Syrian Hamster, faithful beadle of the Feline Theocracy here to act as your spirit guide on the path to enlightenment as we wander through the best posts from the feline theocraticians for the week.

It's always a pleasure to read these blogs. Today we will go through them in reverse order, starting with the WOG Squad.

Our Court Jester has a post that just enrages me. My little angel is adopted. I went to Russia to get her. All this fuss about allowing same-sex couples to adopt is $%^&$& insanity. We tried Catholic Charities first. Since we had a child of our own already, they turned us down because there were so few kids available to adopt. Words fail me.

Happy Julie calms me down with some really interesting art.

Eric Scheske has a great short post on Jay Leno's take on the whole silly Mel Gibson fiesta.

Holy Scholar Georgette comes at us with hieroglyphics. Really.

Mark Shea has a great post on Catholics and guilt.

Our Anchoress gives her take on the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict and what it means.

On the protected list, Heidi has some information on the border fence.

The Theocracy's Vicar of Victory goes after the MSM. Go get 'em, boy!

Our Prelate to the Primates has some suggestions for Reuters in the wake of it doctoring photographs.

The Patriarch of the Airwaves interviewed a very conflicted Martin Peretz from The New Republic. This post has the key portion. It's quite unnerving.

Our Poet Laureate did what poet laureates do. He wrote a poem just for us. I'm so very touched, Aloysius.

If you've never seent the bingo board from the Archibishop of Texas, you owe it to yourself to do so.

French and testosterone are words that don't normally go together. Our official artist has more.

Castro's failing health prompts a suggestion from our Holy Ambassador to the Court of the Mainstream Media.

Our Monsignor of the Breweries logs in with a good joke.

Sister Jane of Perpetual Purring has a post worthy of a World of Good.

The Abbess of the Priory of Small Princesses has a rubber ducky. Need we say more?

Our Knight-Protector and Defender of Yarn Balls has a funny post. My favorite in the list is #1.

Lastly, we come to the Feline Empress and Mother Superior of the Holy Order of Ocean Whitefish. Our favorite CNN piƱata, Anderson Cooper, has a special report on the her.

Best wishes to all of you and we'll see you in two weeks with another "This Week in the Theocracy."


Kukka-Maria said...

Again, thanks for the extreme compliment by considering us one of your "peeps."

You sure work hard on this post and your efforts are so appreciated!

Now...I have some reading to do!

Joe said...

Jacob is one cute little beastie, I MUST say...