Sunday, August 06, 2006

Orchid Commentary

Our Maximum Leader seems to have been trying to tell us something about our orchids.

The orchid.

Our Maximum Leader's contribution to the orchid.

Our Maximum Leader's response to questions about her deposit on the orchid.

Just what did this mean? Was it:

1. I want this orchid to grow and thrive. I know, I'll feed it!

2. See, this orchid isn't so pretty. I'm much prettier.


3. Man, I've got to lay off the catnip. I feel really sick. door...BLAAARRRRRGGGHHHHH! Whoops!

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NOLADawn said...

I'm pretty sure your Maximum Leader thinks he's above the beautiful orchid... but I could be wrong ;)

Anonymous said...

Maximum Leader is MUCH prettier than some dumb orchid!!!!