Wednesday, August 16, 2006

France in Retreat (Again)

The French are chickening out before they even show up in Lebanon. Our College of Cardinals over at No-Pasaran tipped us off to this NY Sun story. Essentially, the French would really rather not go over and sit next to those crazy Hezbollah fellows, thank you very much. Maybe there is someone else you could send, no?

Here's my favorite part of the Sun article.

While the United Nations is pushing for French troops to form the "backbone" of an international force in Lebanon, Paris is "cautious"about sending its military to help Lebanon's army take control of the south and disarm Hezbollah, Turtle Bay and French officials said yesterday.
This is simply fabulous. Only the UN would look to the French to provide a backbone.

A garden creature with more of a backbone than the French army.

Poetry. Pure poetry.

Update: Ha! We beat our Prelate to the Primates by one whole day on this post. You are sooo yesterday, Gaius!
Lawhawk was fast, but a little tuxedo cat was faster. Booyah! Wait. I might have spoke too soon. Depends on the time zones.


Anonymous said...

Like that's news. I guess it's almost an official war now, the french are preparing to surrender.

Icepick the Mad!

Legalbgl said...

Lawhawk was on vacation, the Legalbgl posted that one. Didn't know the race was on. But truth be told, I posted on it Wednesday afternoon!

Call it a draw?

Legalbgl said...

Like I said, call it a draw!!!

K T Cat said...

OK, legalbgl, I think you won by about 2 hours. I was in Hawaii when I posted.

Legalbgl said...

Hawaii time, well then, a Big Island ALOOOOHHHHAAAAA to you!!!! and Mahalo for checking in.

Anonymous said...

KT, go get a plate lunch, loco moco is good, and some spam musubi.

Good for the soul.

Icepick the Mad!