Friday, June 19, 2009

The Source of the Adulation

This weekend, ABC will host an hour-long infomercial for President Obama. A week or so back, Newsweek compared him to God. MSNBC is like a hormone-crazed teenage girl with him - I don't doubt that Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann have their rooms plastered with glossy pull-out photos from Tiger Beat's* spread on Barack.

So why all the panting, sweaty palms and squealing? Charles Krauthammer made an interesting point during a rant about Obama's supine response to Iran the other day.

But the rest of the media (other than Fox News) are entirely in the tank, and it's embarrassing. You would think it would be embarrassment that would deter them.

Obama does u-turns on all kinds of policies — on taking money in campaigns, on rendition, on eavesdropping, on all kinds of issues, and the press does a u-turn, a whiplash u-turn in step.

In the end, what you have to could conclude is that it is, in part, ideological affinity with Obama, but also in part, he's a rock star, and he sells.

The MSM, traditionally pack animals anyway, have latched onto him like a rock star. No one who cared about their popularity in high school in 1975 wanted to be the first one to say, "You know, I really don't like KISS. In fact, their music is awful." That's where we are right now. A cloistered pack with modest intelligence following a rock star around like groupies because none of them want to be considered uncool.

Look, everyone, it's Barack! Isn't he dreamy?

* - Or the equivalent from Time.

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