Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Embracing Failure

Judge Sotomayor's repulsive comment about wise Latinas inspired Victor Davis Hanson to write a well-reasoned piece on racial memberships wherein this passage can be found.
I had half-Mexican-American students who had Hispanic first names and fathers — something like a Horacio Dominquez or Jacinta Guzman — who were fully assimilated, upper-middle-class, did not speak a word of Spanish, but were active in La Raza-like groups and, presto, were seen as authentic enough to be given the benefits of unspoken affirmative action.
Going one level of generalization up, we've decided that failure is something to be honored. La Raza does not elevate success, but instead emphasizes failure by shouting constantly about how that failure can be blamed on someone else. If La Raza and their ilk bragged continuously about the achievements of their members and talked about how self-sufficient, prosperous and industrious they were, there would be no way they could seek reparations for alleged past crimes.

The racial spoils system implicitly embraced by Judge Sotomayor is predicated on failure.

In other news, the US is running a $1.8T deficit this year. Apparently we have too much failure (the noble victims who are paid redress) and not enough success (the villains who pay for their crimes).

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