Sunday, June 28, 2009

Let the Politicians Use VA Hospitals

Shannon Love, blogging over at the Chicago Boyz, has a great idea.
We should create a legal requirement that political elites have to use the same system they foist on everyone else. They should have to wait for hours in doctors’ offices. They should have to wait weeks or months for tests. They should be fobbed off on emergency rooms if they get sick over the weekend. They should be denied any Hail Mary test, medication or procedure. They should get the entire politically-managed health-care experience.

This standard should extend to all elected officials, political appointees and their immediate families.
Awesome. She needs to add one extra caveat. The politicians should also be taxed according to what they spend in the government budget. That is, if the deficit per capita is $1500, then the politician with a family of four should pay an additional $6000 per year in taxes.

What's sauce for the goose ...


Mostly Nothing said...

There's a reason that Congress has a pension and isn't in Social Security.

Tim Eisele said...

That's a good question, where *do* sick congressmen go for medical care? Do they go to Walter Reed, like the President and VP do, or is that limited to the President and VP because they are both arguably part of the military (the whole "Commander in Chief and his potential replacement" thing)?