Monday, June 22, 2009

The Care Bears Meet the Grizzly Bears

The Administration's Care Bear foreign policy has met up with a grizzly bear in Iran. Here's a view from inside the Middle East on the Cairo speech.
Mr. Obama's June 4 speech in Cairo did not reshape the Islamic landscape. I was in Saudi Arabia when Mr. Obama traveled to Riyadh and Cairo. The earth did not move, life went on as usual. There were countless people puzzled by the presumption of the entire exercise, an outsider walking into sacred matters of their faith. In Saudi Arabia, and in the Arabic commentaries of other lands, there was unease that so complicated an ideological and cultural terrain could be approached with such ease and haste.
Here's the grizzly's reaction to all the rainbows and unicorns offered by the president.
June 22 (Bloomberg) -- Iran’s Revolutionary Guards said the security forces will crush further protests over the disputed presidential vote ...

“The saboteurs must stop their actions” or face “the decisive and revolutionary action of the children of the nation in the Revolutionary Guards, the Basij, and other security and military forces, to put an end to the chaos,” the state-run Mehr news agency cited the Revolutionary Guards as saying today in a statement.
Just imagine what will happen when the Care Bears meet up with a nuclear-armed grizzly.

It will be like this, only with ICBMs.

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