Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Aliens Have Landed!

I'm writing to you from work where I have just spotted an alien cyborg. I was able to take a quick photo of it with my Blackberry. I'm not sure what it is or how much time we have left before it begins whatever diabolical plan it's contemplating. Do any of you know what it is? What should we do?

Clearly, this is not of our world.

Please help us!

What should I do about this alien invader?
Approach it slowly and tell it we come in peace
Bow down and worship it
Offer it some stimulus money
Poke it with a stick
Go for it's eyes! Attack now before it's too late!
Flee in terror!
Answering this is a waste of time. By the time I vote, you will already have been consumed / enslaved / disintegrated
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Niall Mor said...

Phasers on stun.

stshmese: language spoken on planet stshm, which is obviously where this thing comes from.

Kelly the little black dog said...

What the matter, don't you know a Dalek when you see one!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks very chilling....

Jedi Knight Ivyan said...

Going for the eyes is a good strategy, assuming it has eyes...

capcha: light

No I'm not kidding, that was my capcha word. Is it too late to run out or a lotto ticket?