Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Don't Understand YouTube

In going through some old posts via SiteMeter while looking at what people are visiting on this site, I've discovered that many of my embedded videos from YouTube have been disabled. For example, all of the Monkees' romps that I posted seem to have been yanked as well as the little bit of Gene Kelly from the start of An American in Paris.

Meanwhile, I was hunting for Hugo Drax lines from Moonraker and I came across this.

So we're not protecting long clips from the Bond franchise, but The Monkees and Gene Kelly are off limits?

I don't get it.

1 comment:

Kelly the little black dog said...

great clip! I wonder if its an issue with the other clips being music related that they get pulled.

thmenhin: isn't that the what makes the strange sounds in bad scifi movies?