Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hugo Drax Kitteh

I've always been a big fan of Roger Moore as James Bond. I know I'm in the minority here, but I happened to be grrowing up during the Moore era of the Bond films. In any case, I took a much-used Cheezburger image and made a Hugo Drax lol. Enjoy!

I found the audio clip on the Interweb Tubes!. Here it is for your listening pleasure.
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Niall Mor said...

For some reason, I can't get the audio clip to play--but Mr. Bond will be . . . dealt with, I assure you (evil laugh).

Tim Eisele said...

Let's see, does this work?

In the James Bond, movies, and indeed in books and movies that feature "heroes" in general, I actually often find I have more sympathy with the villains than with the heroes. I think this is because the "heroes" aren't actually, *acting*, so much as *reacting*. Oh sure, the villain's plan may be evil, but at least he *has* a plan! He's *doing* something with his life! All Bond, and people like Bond, are doing is stumbling into it all and smashing everything.

The Lord of the Rings really cast that into sharp relief: Sauron and Saruman were putting in the effort, building industrial capacity, raising armies, making the infrastructure to support their armies, obviously creating something resembling a civilization to replace the decadent, medieval and pointless power structure of Middle Earth . . . and what where the "heroes" doing? Trying to melt a ring.


K T Cat said...

Thanks, Tim! Niall, I just uploaded it to and used their embed capabilities. It should work now. Thanks for the heads up on that one.