Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Feline Theocracy Endorses Jo

In a post on IMAO, the Feline Theocracy's Archbishop of Texas brought to our attention a new contest involving cats. It's the Meow Mix House.

In this contest, televised on Animal Planet, 10 cats will compete for the title of best cat. They will be judged in all the proper feline ways - sleeping, playing with toys and generaql cuteness.

Our Maximum Leader, K T Cat, and Jacob the Syrian Hamster hereby endorse Jo as our personal favorite. We will not issue a catwa about this and all Feline Theocraticians are free to blog about their own favorites.

Jo has much to recommend her. Most specifically, she blogs about her workout regimen.

I’ve been training hard for this competition. I’ve been hitting the scratching post twice a day, three sets at a time. My claws have never been sharper, and my grip? Meow Mix House, here I come!
Anyone that hits The Scratching Post twice a day gets our endorsement!

She's also beautiful.

Alas, not as beautiful as the Feline Empress and Mother Superior of the Holy Order of Ocean Whitefish, but then again, who is?

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1 comment:

Kukka-Maria said...

She is beautiful, but I must agree, I've got it goin' ON!

I'll have to watch this show. Normally, watching cats try to emulate my skills bores me, but it sounds like a good watch.

I'm in Jo's camp! GO JO!