Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Death from Above!

Once again, our Maximum Leader has saved us from utter ruin. Yesterday, we were attacked by a giant moth.

Death comes from above!

Not so fast, you winged fiend! There will be no attacking my family while I'm around!

The enemy has been dispatched. You may return to your normal pursuits, citizens.

Sound the All Clear!

K T Cat. Beautiful and heroic. Is there any question why she's our Maximum Leader?

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PrincessMia said...

Indeed, there is no question.

Unknown said...

I've been contacted by the ACLU. They want me to investigate you for violating the moth's civil rights. Apparently, he has the right to invade your house, eat holes in your clothing, and generally make a pest of himself.

And his family is suing you for "wrongful death".

I tried to explain to them that as Knight Protector of the Theocracy, I should have been the one to, ahem, remove the moth.

But, on the other hand, can anyone now doubt the power of our Maximum Leader? Hearken ye all and pay heed to this! Such is the fate of all who oppose the Feline Theocracy!

(okay, maybe this is a poor attempt at humor but it's the best I've got today)

K T Cat said...

Princess - Thanks for the comment!

Lawman - I'm laughing out loud! I love it!

Jake Silver said...

I need some ant protection, fearless cat. Any ideas?

Sarah said...

Heh. Jolee ripped the head off a roach earlier this week. Cats are so smart.


Your cat is stunning.

whaleshaman said...

Heck of a job, Maximum Leader!

[I'd feel so much safer if DHS would also consult with Maximum Leader on threats from weapons of mouse destruction.]