Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bizarre Blogspot Behavior

I've had more problems uploading photos with Blogger and have seen some really bizarre behavior. I just finished my latest World of Good post, directly below this one, after fighting with blogger for a half a day trying to upload photos. I had fully written the post and was just trying to insert the pictures.

I discovered that if I opened and edited a previous post with much less text, the photos were inserted instantly. I uploaded them to that post, published it, and then cut and paste moved them into my WOG post. Weird.

When it comes to unstable products, Google is just as guilty as Microsoft.


Anonymous said...

I've spent oodles of time over the past two days trying to upload photos. Finally got most of them up last night but not all. Despite saying the last photo had been uploaded, it never showed on the post. Dang free software!

Justin said...

Besides Blogger, Google is probably the most stable thing out there. Their problem is that they didn't build Blogger from the ground up like their other products, but bought it from someone else.

As far as pictures, I think I've told you about a hundred times to use for that.

K T Cat said...

OK, OK, I'll go get an account! Sheesh!


Justin said...

That's the beautiful thing about TinyPic, you don't NEED an account. You just go and upload the image.