Saturday, June 17, 2006

Making Long Flights Tolerable

I travel quite a bit for work, typically coast-to-coast. Six hours on an airplane is no fun. I have finally found the secret to making the time fly by. Music and SuDoku. I've got my Rio Karma loaded up with 4400+ songs and my New York Post SuDoku book. I put the Karma on shuffle and work the puzzles. I have no idea what song will come up next and the puzzles keep my brain occupied. The flights go by quickly.

I also have all of the IMAO podcasts, Mark Steyn interviews from the Hugh Hewitt Show and James Lileks Bleatcasts on the Karma, too, so there is really a wide variety.

Another nice feature is how little I need to unpack from my carry-on luggage in order to do this. Headphones, Karma, book and pen. Everyone else is dragging out laptops and huge novels and I'm able to stay compact and keep my leg room for my legs. Way cool.

Just thought I'd share.

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