Friday, August 10, 2007

Earn $360 per Year Surfing the Blogosphere!

I travel a lot. I like to live frugally. I also like to blog and surf the blogosphere in the morning. On this trip, I perfected a way to do it all.

Breakfasts on the road can be expensive and time consuming. The hotel buffets can run you $14 per morning. In some hotels they're free, but those hotels usually charge you for Internet service. In any case, I always stay at Marriots (with whom I am very happy) and you can't always find the free breakfast.

Breakfast also takes time. You can't slither down to the restaurant in your PJs. You've got to get dressed, go down, get a table, eat, wait for the tab, pay and then go back to your room to brush your teeth and grab your stuff. That's time you could spend reading The Scratching Post on your laptop. What a waste!

This trip I found the key to wealth and free time. And wisdom. Lots and lots of wisdom. I brought a tupperware bowl (with lid), some packets of instant oatmeal and a small spoon. I used the hotel room coffee pot to heat the water and made my oatmeal right in my room while blogging. Is that efficient or what? With as much as I travel, I calculated I could save $360 per year doing this by avoiding the cost of eating out for breakfast. All the fiber in the oatmeal is also better for my colon, but the less said about that the better.

Order your Travel Breakfast Toolkit® from The Scratching Post today! Operators are standing by!

Perhaps best of all, I get to read the blogosphere while I eat instead of the USA Today's most recent imitation of Lord Haw Haw. That's where the wisdom comes in. After reading the USA Today, you feel slight shame for having wasted all those brain chemcials processing the written flatulence in their paper. Reading The Scratching Post has been shown to increase your intellectual stimulation by 38%!* Money, time and more accurate information. That's a triple play!

The $360 I'll save every year is about what it costs to buy a TiVo series 2 DVR with dual tuner and that's paying retail. If I go on Craig's List, eBay or visit estate sales with $360, there's almost no limit to what I can get! All that and blogging, too. All I need to do is pack a tupperware bowl in my luggage.

So now that you know the secret, what will you buy with your $360?

* - Mental stimulation improvement is estimated and is not based on any actual data.

Did you know there's a weekly Festival of Frugality? Go see what it's like!

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