Thursday, August 23, 2007

What's Wrong With Fred Thompson's Campaign?

...nothing as far as I can tell.

The political blogosphere, particularly on the right, has been fussing and tut-tutting about Fred Thompson's failure to announce his candidacy and his relaxed campaign style. I don't get it.

As far as I can tell, the purpose of all of those campaign stops is to raise money for more campaign stops. Look at all the money that Rudy and Mitt have spent so far, all to see their poll numbers go nowhere. And the debates? Did anyone tune into the debates? Not really.

It looks to me like the ones who really like the frantic pace and interminable duration of the campaigns are the consultants, talk show hosts, news anchors and advertising executives.

The biggest change in the poll numbers happened when John McCain tried to push the amnesty bill through the Senate. Real actions had a greater effect on the polls than all the speeches and campaign stops and talking head blather. Maybe the American people aren't so stupid after all. Maybe Fred isn't either.

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Jake Silver said...

I have a feeling neither one of us is going to get the candidates we want.