Monday, August 13, 2007

Getting Ready for the School Year

In preparation for the new school year, we've bought some of the textbooks my daughter will be using so we can have copies at home. I've cracked the social studies book to see what was inside. This year they're focusing on the United States. As I read through the book, I'm learning that the United States was developed by oppressing and slaughtering everyone else. Here's a nice quote.

The meeting of cultures from Europe and the Americas caused a great change in the way people lived on five continents. It led to the deaths of thousands, mostly Indians and Africans.
Already I feel enormous waves of guilt. If only we had stayed in Europe and allowed the Aztecs to continue their peaceful, Gaia-friendly ways of mass human sacrifices.

Cortes and his Spanish bullies swooped in and obliterated the proud, Aztec nation, putting a stop to good-natured family fun as pictured here.


Anonymous said...

You are very good, or, in Aztec "ticualli." ;-)

Gosh, if us evil indo-europeans had just stayed in Europe, we would have peace, buffalo would roam th plains and love beads would sprout around necks everywhere.

Sigh, don't you just get tired of all the rewriting of history?

By the Bye, came here via Mike Austin's Return of Scipio. Great blog.

K T Cat said...


Why, thank you! I plan to do a whole series of posts this year from the idiocy in this book. It's a gold mine.

Scipio is indeed a great blog. Yours isn't half bad, either! :-)

Foxfier said...


Please, promote ACTUAL HISTORY.

Good grief, my ancestors chopped off the heads of worthy adversaries and put them on sticks to advertise what bad doodz they were, but the Aztecs give me the freaks.
(No fan of druids, either, but we don't have nearly as much information about them.)

Might want to talk to your kids about the Vietnam war if you were in it-- I came home talking about how everyone who was drafted into Nam was either insane or stupid, and my dad calmly explained that neither he, nor his oldest brother, nor three of the four brother-in-laws on mom's side were insane or stupid, and that the crazy one had been crazy since he was a kid. ;^)

Trust me, your kid will appreciate it some day!

Jake Silver said...

Hey it looks like Apocalypto!!