Saturday, August 11, 2007

Great Posts from the Feline Theocracy

Hi, Jacob the Syrian Hamster here, back to bring you more wondrous posts from the blogs that make up the Feline Theocracy. As the loyal beadle for the Theocracy, it's my duty to round up links to my fellow theocraticians' best posts. It's been months and months since I've done this, but as I visited my friends' blogs this morning, I was inspired to come back to this.

One of the things that I like about the Feline Theocracy is how varied the blogs are. There are bloggers passionate about all kinds of things and their enthusiasm and good cheer is infectious. First off, we have quilts. Lovely quilts. Our Abbess of the Priory of Small Princesses is quite talented and shares her skills.

On a very sad note, Mother Superior of the Holy Order of Ocean Whitefish and Feline Empress Kukka Maria signed off. Her blog is worth randomly looking at her posts. They are all funny.

The Knight-Protector of the Feline Theocracy and Defender of Yarn Balls was having a bad weekend. Stop by and leave him some good cheer.

Our Monsignor of the Breweries is supporting a campaign to send emails to Marines serving in Iraq. That's a great cause.

The Official Artist of the Feline Theocracy has been doing some work in a vet's office and sharing his stories. How do you shave a cat? Visit his post and find out.

Are cats dishawsher safe? Our Archibishop of Texas knows.

The Theocracy's Holy Scribe has posted a fantastic video that you have to see to believe.

Our Poet Laureate is promising an epic poem. I can't wait!

Are only whites nerds? Our Precentor of Measurements takes on a recent academic study.

Did you know there are mooses (meeses?) in Colorado? I didn't. Our Missionary to the Frozen, Northern Wastelands has photographic proof.

Scribbit, our Nun of the Above, has a typically fun and useful post for parents.

Our Keeper of the Catacombs posts a video about massive landslides as part of a general theme. Dramatic doesn't cover it. Take a look.

Holy Scholar Mog describes a battle that took place at her house. It looks to me like it was all staged to cover up a greater crime.

Holy Scholar Mark Shea posts a brain bender in answer to the question, "When did Jesus know He was divine?"

Holy Scholar Eric Scheske posts about beer. Need I say more?

There's a lot of Chinese art that I love. Holy Scholar Happy Julie posts some.

Heather, Our Holy Canadian Scholar, Eh? hits another of my sweet spots. Seaplanes.

Last, but not least (are you still with me?) is our Court Jester. He has a short post about another blog that has asked visitors to vote for their favorite dead blog. It's an interesting concept I had never thought about before. Check it out.

That's it for now. I used to say, "That's it for this week," but since I don't do this weekly any more, I figured I wasn't going to fool anyone with that sign off.

Thanks for stopping by!


Scribbit said...

Thanks for mentioning my post, and LOVE the picture--when have beady eyes ever looked so cute?

Foxfier said...

*grin* Honored as always!